Make up yourself

They are online make up lessons, cool and easy held by italian celebrity make up artist Angelo Nenna Pintor, where he will show you live all the make up secrets
A personal tutorial that will provide you customized advices


In this lock-in period and woth all the events cancelled, Angelo Nenna Pintor reinvented his own business model inventing GLAMINAR
The word Glaminar is a fusion of Glamour and Webinar
The result is an usefull and immediate project, where everyone can spend their time learning something new and giving to charity
All this staying at home!

Who may attend

Everyone, all the boys and girls willing to learn in an easy and funny way make up secrets

What you need

You need only tour beauty case with make up tools that you use every day, brush included
Even make up tools you don't use anymore could be usefull


Lesson is held via computer or via smartphone, using most common videocall platforms (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc)
Don't forget your earphone


One lesson lasts more or less one hour, but don't worry, there are no particular deadlines

Alone or in a group

Lessons could be individual or in a group, maximum 4-5 people


It is required a symbolic contribution for each participant, here you can find details

Together for
Covid-19 emergency

Part of the income is going to the italian hospitals facing Corona Virus emergency Here the donations receipts